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Eight digital best practices for sales

Transactional experiences in our day-to-day lives — online shopping, communication, and support — have set a new, higher bar for professional services. Your customers and employees are looking for faster, simpler ways to complete tasks. Learn how to take advantage of the latest digital trends with @DocuSign eSignature and start differentiating your business.

Retail Trends Playbook

Why scramble to adapt to the changing retail landscape when the @Microsoft Retail Trends Playbook can help you strategize a winning retail game plan. Get your playbook here.👇 After reviewing it, consider reaching out to a Microsoft Cloud for Retail expert from VG Systems, LLC for recommendations on taking your retail operation to the next level.

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Watch this video case study to discover how @DocuSign Agreement Cloud transformed contract management @Unilever from manual and cumbersome to standardized and efficient management.
DocuSign solutions cut in half the average time it took to complete a contract at Unilever and is now implemented in 70 of the company’s countries. Contact VG Systems, LLC to learn more about @DocuSign solutions for your global business needs.

New Zealand Moves to a Cloud-Based Identity Solution for its 4.9 Million Residents

How can you use advanced authentication and risk-based adaptive access policies to protect data without compromising user experience? VG Systems, LLC recommends learning from the experience of New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs. Get the story on how the @Microsoft customer simplified security with a cloud-based identity solution.

Cerner Associates Shape the Future of Healthcare in Hybrid Workplaces with Microsoft Collaboration Tools

The ideal hybrid workplace empowers employees to make decisions that will help everyone be more successful. Does this sound like your organization? Read this @Microsoft customer story to learn how a leading health tech information company is firing on all cylinders when it comes to the hybrid workplace.

Creating a flexible and collaborative #hybridwork environment is essential and VG Systems, LLC can connect you to an @Microsoft hybrid work solutions expert for a deeper dive into creating the perfect flexible work environment.

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DocuSign eSignature

Say goodbye to hours spent manually processing contracts and say hello to @DocuSign eSignature where every agreement is managed digitally. Improve customer experience, increase efficiency and save money with a trusted solution used by over 500,000 businesses around the world.

Contact VG Systems, LLC to learn how you can gain access to the ultimate streamlined contract process with @DocuSign eSignature.

Greater Security at a Lower Cost

With 91% of security breaches originating from phishing attacks, you need security that protects users across your whole network. VG Systems, LLC and Microsoft are here to help. Get in touch for details!


Microsoft Cloud for Retail

Are you using data to find new ways to engage with customers? How about using data to increase operational efficiency and maximize the cost-effectiveness of your marketing?

Watch the video to see how @Microsoft Cloud for Retail is illuminating the customer journey and redefining customer service.

A Microsoft partner, VG Systems, LLC is available to discuss steps to unlocking the power of Microsoft Cloud for Retail for your organization.

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How can a @Microsoft expert from VG Systems, LLC help you optimize your #hybridwork environment with @MicrosoftTeams and other productivity tools? Check here regularly for updates.

How can a @Microsoft expert from VG Systems, LLC help you optimize your hybrid work environment with Microsoft Teams and other productivity tools? Check here regularly for updates and get in touch to discuss how we help businesses like yours keep people and teams connected, productive and secure in our hybrid work world.