Innovative Solar Panel Manufacturer Builds a Solid Foundation for Future Growth on Azure

Solar panel maker REC Group turned to Microsoft Azure to help with its future growth and expansion plans from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Read the blog to find out why it was a winning decision.

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Are Clickwrap Agreements Legally Binding?

As a DocuSign customer, you’ve already experienced the countless ways that DocuSign makes it easier to sign documents and complete agreements. But did you know that you can also use DocuSign to consent to standard terms, like privacy policies?

Now, you can use DocuSign Click to capture consent to all types of standard terms with just a single click. And, DocuSign ensures that your user-friendly clickwrap agreements meet the same standards as other legal agreements.

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Did you know that every day Microsoft analyzes over 6.5 trillion signals to identify new threats around the world? When you get Microsoft365, you have access to world-class security that stays up to date.

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Capture consent to standard terms with a single click

Documenting and managing customer consent to standard agreements is already complex—and as your clients’ businesses grow, it can get even harder.

Now, they can capture consent to privacy policies and terms and conditions with a single click. DocuSign Click is user-friendly and easily deployed to remove the hassle out of consenting to complex agreements. And it leaves an audit trail, so you can reassure your customers that they never have to worry about the security of their information.

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Retailers are Partnering with Microsoft to Connect Customers, People & Data

This video highlights how Microsoft customers from Walgreens, Patagonia, Mattress Firm, REI Co-op, and Boots Opticians are reimagining retail and delivering seamless experiences across the shopper journey with Microsoft Cloud for Retail.

5 Questions on the Minds of Hybrid Managers

Having a team in which some employees are co-located in an office and others are doing their jobs remotely presents several challenges for managers. Read the blog for insights and answers from Microsoft to those challenges.

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DocuSign Click

You already know that DocuSign is the industry-leading eSignature solution. But did you know that you can also use DocuSign infrastructure to capture consent to agreements that don’t require a signature?

That’s right—you can now use DocuSign to consent to terms and conditions and privacy policies, or other kinds of clickwrap agreements. With clear display and acceptance options, it’s easier than ever to sign any type of agreement—no signature required.

Azure Site Recovery—The Simple, Cost-Effective Solution to Preventing Downtime

Does your business have a power outage contingency plan? Microsoft Azure gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can recover data and applications with just one click. Watch this short video for an overview of the Azure advantage, and when you’re ready to implement a cost-effective, simple and fast site recovery solution, contact a VG Systems, LLC Azure expert to get started.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Enabling Retailers to Transform Consumer Experience and Operations Through Data

Retail is undergoing a transformation with a renewed focus on the growing importance of unlocking consumer insights while balancing the need to maintain privacy. This blog examines that balance, as well as the need for tighter omnichannel experiences, the challenge of mitigating supply chain disruptions, and not compromising on sustainability.

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Datacenter Security Overview

Security is at the forefront of Microsoft datacenters as it is regularly tested through both internal and third-party audits. Read this blog for a comprehensive overview of how Microsoft hosts its online services and the painstaking security measures they take to protect their datacenters from unauthorized access and environmental hazards.

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